FerryGateway has organized a Technical Team that can provide support to users and organizations. The team consists of skilled and experienced people that have been a part of the development of the FerryGateway standard. Hence they are capable of providing advice and guidelines in your implementation and further usage of FerryGateway.

We recommend that you sign up for a Support agreement. It includes prioritised support from our expert team via phone or email up to a total of seven (7) hours yearly, which is very useful in implementation matters, test and problem solving. It also includes newsletter, upgrade information and other important messages. The yearly cost for support is €1.200, which will be invoiced to the invoice address given.

If you chose not to have a support agreement, then you can still contact our expert team for a cost of €60 per commenced half-hour by phone, but the problem solving will not be highly prioritised. We will not handle email requests and you will not get information from us via email unless you have a support agreement.

Please note that this support is regarding the FerryGateway standard protocol, when you make an usage agreement for the Switch you will get separate support for that.

Telephone number to the Support: +44 7720 496821

Email address to the Support: