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Implementation of the FerryGateway standard protocol is increasing with agents, ferry operators and reservation system providers. You can below see a list of Ferry Operators and some Agents that have live connections through the FerryGateway Switch. Others are working with the implementation and will be available soon.

The possibilities that the Switch offers are attractive for agents and operators since it provides them with one-connection-point-only. The first step an agent or ferry operator will have to take is to implement the standard protocol. Once this is done it is possible to connect to the Switch. We offer both support and test capabilities.

Switch Ferry Operators (current FGW API version)

Brittany Ferries 1.1.0                   Color Line 1.1.0               DFDS 1.1.0

Eckerö Line 1.2.1                          Fjord Line 1.2.1               Stena Line 1.1.0

Tallink 1.3.1                                  Viking Line 1.1.0             Virtu Ferries 1.2.1

Trasmapi 1.2.1                             Condor Ferries 1.2.1

Irish Ferries 1.2.1

Agents using the Switch

We can only give you the names of some of the many Agents. These have allowed us to publish (in alphabetical order):                                 


When you use the FerryGateway Switch our support is automatically included. If you do not use the Switch we offer support agreement for the FerryGateway standard.


Standard V1.3


FerryGateway is an initiative that was started by 8 major Ferry companies in North-West Europe.