New version

A new version of Ferrygateway standard protocol is now launched. Log in and go to Members area for a download of the version 1.2.1 package. November 2018.

Taking the next step

The FerryGateway standard protocol for communication between ferry operators and travel agents is now established and becoming the natural and obvious choice for the ferry industry and its partners. We are very happy about that.

And now it is time for the next step. We are close to finalizing what we call the Switch. It is a technical hub that connects agents and operators to each other. The idea is to make it easier for both agents and operators to reach each other, i.e. only one connection point is required. Very simplified it looks like this.

Switch graph

So what is required to use the Switch? You would have to use FerryGateway as your standard protocol. You would of course also have to have a commercial agreement between agent and operator, but also an agreement with the FerryGateway Association to use the Switch. The commercial terms and conditions to use the Switch will be presented to everyone interested.

The Switch is being maintained. operated and supported by totally independent resources and the security level is high. We will protect you from any kind of intrusion and no one will have access to sensitive transaction data that the Switch will handle.

We are now in the final preparations to launch the Switch and will be back with more precise timings and details once we know when the launch will take place. This is a big step to strengthen the ferry industry, to take control over our market and to make it convenient for all interested parties. In addition it will save costs for everyone by only having one standard that covers the needs of the ferry market plus the option of one connection point.

We encourage agents, operators and other travel organisations to become users and to download the FerryGateway standard package from this site. Don’t miss the opportunity to use the new opportunities, now even more attractive with the possibilities that the Switch will offer.

Want to know more? Please contact us and we will tell you all about it!

What FerryGateway is

  • The communication standard between a ferry operator and travel agents to enable increased revenue to a broader audience.
  • A standardised set of messages that enables pre-selling and booking of ferry journeys including all products and services on-board.
  • An intellectual property of FerryGateway Association, i.e. 8 major ferry companies in Europe.
  • An open source standard, free to use, but controlled and supported by the Association.
  • FerryGateway replaces all other used standards today.

What the Switch is

  • A technical hub system that constitutes the digital link between agents/partners and ferry operators.
  • An enabler of quick and easy one-point connection using the FerryGateway standard.
  • A possibility for every agent and operator that prefers simple, cheap and smooth links to each other.



FerryGateway enables and supports

  • The full on-board Product and Services range
  • Flexibility in terms of Pricing and Fare types
  • Transparency through standardised definitions
  • Change, Amend and Cancel bookings
  • Rich Information to Customers via text, pictures or video
  • Adding new Services and Products through generic messages

We truly believe that FerryGateway will be very beneficial for the Ferry Business. By using one standard for communication between the different actors the ferry business can reach new markets, get away from the scattered appearance that we have today, eliminate the limitations of existing standards and attract major players to sell and up-sell ferry traveling through a common interface. By providing the Switch these benefits will be greatly enhanced.