Heading forward for success

Many organisations have now signed up for FerryGateway and become users of the standard. We have more than 50 active users and the standard has proven to be extremely stable and robust. The need of support for our users is close to zero and we can just conclude that the cooperation among the 8 ferry operators that created the FerryGateway standard was very successful. It has also turned out that ferry operators have been able to both save a lot of costs and added on more revenue thanks to the rich features of the FerryGateway standard.

The FerryGateway members and their sales and marketing directors gathered in Copenhagen in the beginning of February to discuss how to increase the speed in deployment and create an even more attractive platform for agents and operators. The outcome was a total commitment for FerryGateway and an agreement to increase the speed and strengthen the FerryGateway platform by new efforts. We can promise some very interesting announcements in a near future.

We encourage agents, operators and other travel organisations to become users and to download the FerryGateway standard package from this site. Don’t miss the opportunity to use the new opportunities!

What FerryGateway is

  • The digital link between a ferry operator and travel agents to enable increased revenue to a broader audience.
  • A standardised set of messages that enables pre-selling and booking of ferry journeys including all products and services on-board.
  • An intellectual property of FerryGateway Association, i.e. 8 major ferry companies in Europe.
  • An open source standard, free to use, but controlled and supported by the Association.
  • FerryGateway replaces all other used standards today.



FerryGateway enables and supports

  • The full on-board Product and Services range
  • Flexibility in terms of Pricing and Fare types
  • Transparency through standardised definitions
  • Change, Amend and Cancel bookings
  • Rich Information to Customers via text, pictures or video
  • Adding new Services and Products through generic messages

We truly believe that FerryGateway will be very beneficial for the Ferry Business. By using one standard for communication between the different actors the ferry business can reach new markets, get away from the scattered appearance that we have today, eliminate the limitations of existing standards and attract major players to sell and up-sell ferry traveling through a common interface.