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FerryGateway (FGW) is a non-profit initiative that was started 2014 by 8 major European Ferry companies. FGW maintains an Open source and Free to use worldwide standard for communication between Ferry Operator and Agent reservation systems.
If you will communicate with more than one you should use our one-to-many FerryGateway Switch that gives you easier setup, administration and updates of new versions.
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FerryGateway Switch Ferry Operators


Current version


- Communication standard enables increased revenue and lower costs
- The full on-board Product and Services range
- Flexibility in terms of Pricing and Fare types
- Make, Amend and Cancel bookings
- Get the benefits of the FGW Switch using exactly the same standard:
*** One to many communication with easy setup and administration
*** Support included
*** New version upgrades without need for synchronization with other end(s)


April 15, 2024

Trasmapi will connect to FerryGateway Switch

October 2, 2023

FerryGateway Standard API version 1.3.1 description now available


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FerryGateway is an initiative that was started by 8 major Ferry companies in North-West Europe.