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FerryGateway Standard API version 1.3.1 description now available

October 2, 2023

The FerryGateway Standard API has been established as a worldwide standard for communication between Online Agent systems and Ferry Operator Reservation systems since 2015. In addition to this, the FerryGateway Switch has been in production since 2019 with steady increase in volumes.

Since version 1.3.0 was published in December 2022 Agents and Ferry Operators have upgraded / planned their upgrade. The general schedule for the Ferry Operators available through the FerryGateway Switch is that 1.3.0 / 1.3.1 will be ready implemented during the coming winter season before high season 2024. For more detailed info please contact the Ferry Operators you work with.

The work to further develop the FerryGateway Standard is always active which means we have added some more features to help you. The result, the description of FerryGateway Standard API 1.3.1, is now available for you to download for free. Please login at our Web site and download. The FerryGateway Switch version 1.3.1 is available for your tests.

The objective of version 1.3.1 is to improve and extend previous version of the Standard. Please see the below extract from the 1.3.1 Release notes for the changes and additions.

1.1        GetRoutes – VehicleTransportOptions

In GetRoutes, it is now possible to return list of all Vehicle Transport Options available on given route.
This simplifies agents’ handling of such information and allows them to keep on current information from operators instead of hardcoding the logic on their side.

1.2        Extend MealServices

Extended Meal Service information is now available for Services, not just for ServiceOptions.

1.3        ProductInformation available in BookResponse

In 1.3.0, SailingInfo was extended to contain ProductInformation with useful information for passengers before boarding, on board and after arrival. It may also contain other marketing information. As of 1.3.1, ProductInformation may now also be returned as a result of book message.

Please remember that when you are connected through the FerryGateway Switch it is not necessary to have the same version in both ends. You can upgrade to 1.3.1 when it suits you but both ends must have 1.3.1 to get the new functionality.

These Ferry Operators are currently available through the FerryGateway Switch (in alphabetical order):

For more information, please contact Managing Director Sune Häggblom or our support

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