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Naviera Armas Trasmediterranea joins FerryGateway Association

May 28, 2020

The major Spanish shipping company, Grupo Naviera Armas – Trasmediterránea, joins FerryGateway Association (FGWA), along with the largest and leading western/northern European ferry operators; Brittany Ferries, Color Line, DFDS, Irish Ferries, Stena Line, Tallink Silja and Viking Line.

Last month the agreements reached between FerryGateway and Naviera Armas – Trasmediterránea were formalized, by which the major Spanish shipping company will participate in the work of FGWA, joining the Board as well. Antonio Armas, Vice President of Naviera Armas – Trasmediterránea Group, has been appointed as such a member of the Board for the next two years.

This new international success for Naviera Armas is a part of its new plan for expansion and taking its responsibility as one of the European references in the ferry sector. Naviera Armas – Trasmediterránea is also a member of Interferry, and regularly attends the Shippax Conference every year.

For their part, FerryGateway Association members 2019 served 37 million passengers, with a total of about 100 ships in nearly 60 routes. To this is added Naviera Armas – Trasmediterránea with 5 million annual passengers, 1.5 million vehicles, 8 million linear meters of cargo, and 39 ships on 42 routes (Spain mainland, inter islands, and North of Africa).

  • “For the Armas Group it is a true honor to be able to represent the Spanish ferry sector in this new adventure, in which we hope to contribute our best practices and expertise, together with the main European shipping companies. The objective is none other than to grow together, contribute globally to our common sector, as well as increase levels of satisfaction and service to our clients, while improving commercial and sales relationships with our partners and agents worldwide”.

    Antonio Armas, Vice President of Naviera Armas Group
  • “In Europe and globally ferries are a very common way of travel for hundreds of millions of passengers. Online sales between agents, travel organizations and ferry operators have been growing fast and showed an urgent need to be standardized and simple to handle. The FerryGateway standard and the additional FerryGateway Switch greatly help this and replace older out-dated and non-standardized solutions with excellent worldwide results.“

    Sune Häggblom, Managing Director of FerryGateway Association
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