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Virtu Ferries will connect to FerryGateway Switch

March 16, 2023

Virtu Ferries, which operates between Malta and Pozzallo (Sicily), will soon be available through the FerryGateway Switch.

Please contact Kyle Azzopardi, Reservations Manager on , to get a commercial agreement to sell their trips.

These Ferry Operators are currently (or signed to be) available through the FerryGateway Switch:

To get more information about Virtu Ferries, please visit and read their short introduction below:

Information about the company:
Virtu Ferries provides a High-Speed Passenger / Car Ferry Service between Malta and Pozzallo (Sicily) operating two state-of-the-art vessels with daily voyages at convenient timings, multiple times in the week. This service is currently operated by M/V Saint John Paul II (capacity 900 passengers and 167cars or 23 heavy commercial vehicles) & by M/V Jean De La Valette, capacity 800 passengers and 156 cars or 45 cars + 342 truck lane meters).

A schedule of just over 1000 trips per year provides for year-round Day Return Excursions to Sicily from Malta and similar seasonal excursions to Malta from Sicily; these excursions, of ever-increasing popularity, allow for two-point holidays between Malta and Sicily. The schedule also caters for niche commercial cargo markets with daily transportation of perishable and no perishable goods between the two islands. Saint John Paul II and Jean De La Valette have revolutionized transport, and consequently trade, between these two Mediterranean islands.

Commercial vehicles have the possibility to load / unload and return to base within the same day.


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