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Work on new version of FerryGateway Standard API starts

September 6, 2021

The FerryGateway Standard API has been established as a worldwide standard for communication between Online Agents and Ferry Operators Reservation system since 2015. In addition to this the FerryGateway Switch has been in production since June 2019.

Both has worked fine and proved to be very robust thus serving in an excellent way.

Now when the world of travel are opening up again after the Covid we are starting the work on the next version of the FerryGateway Standard API. As you may have been using it in your work we think you are the experts on what additions/adjustments that would be really beneficial for all of us.

I hope you want to share your thoughts and suggestions with us, please send them to me by using the mail address below before the end of September 2021.

These Ferry Operators are currently available through the FerryGateway Switch:

These are currently testing and will soon be available:

More will come in the future.

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